Upside Foods Receives USDA Approval for Cultivated Meat Label

Upside Foods, a front-runner in the cultivated meat sector, has recently secured approval for its cultivated meat label from the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards commercialization.

By Milo Runkle

Upside Foods cultivated chicken.

"This is a crucial step in our journey," stated Dr. Uma Valeti, Upside Foods' CEO. The company is now poised to obtain a Grant of Inspection to ensure their production facility, EPIC, adheres to federal operating requirements for meat and poultry facilities.

Cultivated meat, a novel food innovation, is produced by collecting livestock cells from living animals and nurturing these cells in controlled environments. This groundbreaking approach to meat production aims to address environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional livestock farming.

Following the receipt of a "No Questions" letter from the US FDA, Upside Foods sought label approval and an inspection grant from the USDA. This dual endorsement sets the stage for Upside Foods to become the first company to commercialize cultivated meat in the US, with the potential for its products to feature on menus by the end of 2023.

Meanwhile, other companies, like GOOD Meat, are also pursuing regulatory approval for their cultivated meat products. Initial availability will be restricted to select restaurants, with broader distribution expected as production scales up.

We extend congratulations to the team at Upside Foods for this significant achievement, representing a pivotal shift in sustainable and ethical food production. This development signifies a noteworthy step towards reshaping the future of our food system.

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