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Joyful Ventures.

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We are

the global
transition to humane and

For us, the passion is personal. We’ve seen the firsthand devastation that animal farming has on creatures and the planet. We’ve led campaigns to convince the most prominent companies to reform their practices.

We’ve been on the front lines for decades. We’ve supported the innovators and entrepreneurs driving the revolution happening across the food system.

We are Joyful Ventures.

Milo Runkle

Milo Runkle

General Partner

In 2015, Milo launched New Crop Capital, a $40 million fund and early investor in Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s, UPSIDE Foods (formerly Memphis Meats), BluNalu, and Good Catch. Milo co-founded The Good Food Institute, the most impactful organization in the alternative protein space. In 1999, at the age of 15, Milo founded Mercy For Animals, raising $130+ million to help farm animals. He has worked with Walmart, Nestle, and McDonald’s to modernize their purchasing, improving the lives of over 2 billion animals.

Jenny Stojkovic

Jennifer Stojkovic

General Partner

Jennifer is the founder of the Vegan Women Summit (VWS), a media and events platform of over 40,000 women founders, investors, and advocates. She is the author of the bestselling book The Future of Food is Female, the world’s first book focused on women in alternative protein. Jennifer is an Independent Director of Natural Order Acquisition Co, a publicly-traded company focused on sustainable protein. She built her career under Ron Conway, Founder of SV Angel. Jennifer worked as the industry’s leading lobbyist for the world’s largest tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Meta.

Blaine Vess

Blaine Vess

General Partner

Blaine is the co-founder and CEO of Student Brands, a bootstrapped edtech company that was acquired by Barnes and Noble Education for $58.5M.  He is also the co-founder and CEO of Solve, a Y Combinator-backed company that was acquired by Blacklane. He’s currently the co-founder of Semblance, a non-alcoholic wine served at a number of award-winning restaurants. Blaine has invested in over fifty early-stage companies and is a Kauffman Fellow, a top program for venture capitalists. He serves on the board of Founders Pledge, a community of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who have pledged billions of dollars to charity.


Miyoko Schinner

Founder and CEO

Miyoko’s Creamery

Bruce Freidrich

Founder and CEO

Good Food Institute

Riana Lynn


Journey Foods

Bjorn Oste



Ryan Bethencourt


Indie Bio, Wild Earth, and
Sustainable Food Venture

Liza Heavener



Michael Pellman-Rowland

Impact Expert

Baseline Wealth Management

Arturo Elizond

Co-Founder and CEO

Every Company

Dr. Sandhya Sriram


Shiok Meats

Eitan Fischer


Mission Barns

Dr. Lisa Dyson

Co-Founder and CEO

Air Protein

Aylon Steinhart

Founder and CEO

Eclipse Foods

Omri Paz

Founder and CEO

T.K. Pillan

T.K. Pillan

Co-Founder and Partner

PowerPlant Partners

Brian Kateman


Reducetarian Foundation

Thomas King


Food Frontier

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